Themed events and Magical Parties

Theme Magic

My “magician parties” are customized to enhance the nature of your event. Quantum physics states that everything is energy and everything is connected together by energy. Therefore, magical shows can creatively revolve around any theme or event.

Once I was invited to perform for a group of ladies at a church. This was an appreciation event to honor their volunteer and fun raising activities. I knew the audience would be mostly older ladies. The show was named How To Catch A Man and it was interactive. Using cards, ropes, flowers and silks etc, to support the theme: the show focused on male/female relationships. It was hilarious. The interaction with the group helped to make it an outstanding event.

Some of the themes I have used are centered around: birthday, motivation, education – schools, relationships, spiritual/metaphysical etc. I always have a detailed discussion about the presentation with those in charge of the event to ensure the outcome they desire.

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