Kids Edu-tainment

Magic Shows for Kids

Children love magic. Their inquisitive minds are drawn to mysteries of illusions. Watching the gleam in their eyes and expressions of amazement is the icing on the cake for a performer. Children’s enthusiasm can ignite a wonderful interaction between them and the performer.

Performing for children is different than for adults. The attention span of young children is short therefore it is important to keep them involved in the action. Visual effects along with the children’s participation are key to a successful show. Timing is also critical for children to be actively involved.

Each show is customized for a special event. For example a birthday party for your child. I would need to know what your child is interested in. He or she would also be included in the show. This delights children and makes it a memorable event for years to come.

For the younger children adding flower and animal balloon making sculptures are always enjoyed.

As a school teacher I had the opportunity to talk with former students. Besides learning about the intervening years, I was amazed to learn about what had inspired them to excel in their pursuits. Sometimes it was not related to the subject but something that was small and seemingly inconsequential. Knowing that some things can not be planed or predicted, new experiences can create new interest and have a positive effect on one’s success. The outcome of this may not be revealed until later in a child’s life.

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