Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties

Kids love magic. Their inquisitive minds are drawn to mysteries of illusions. Their excitement becomes contagious when the show begins.

Although children have much in common, their personalities and areas of interest may differ somewhat. For that reason each show is customized for your child. I would need to know what your child is interested in. He or she could also be included in the show. Some children enjoy being a magician assistant. In that case, a Official Certificate as a magician assistant would be presented. This kind of interaction enhances this event and makes it a memorable event for years to come.

The age range of children is an important consideration when creating a show. For the younger children adding flower and animal balloon making sculptures are always enjoyed. Also, if the birthday child is interested in learning a simple magic trick, I will demonstrate the process after the show with sworn secrecy. Obviously, a party for teenagers needs to be more sophisticated and aligned with their interest. In other words, I can create a customized show in alignment with your desires.

Give me a call to discuss a party for someone very special. An event to always remember.

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